In-House Counsel San Diego

Whether we are in a recession or in a bountiful economy, more and more businesses are safeguarding resources and outsourcing their business needs to qualified professionals. We provide general counsel/in-house counsel legal services, which allows our clients to have an attorney on their team to call upon when the need arises, without incurring the expense of retaining a permanent attorney.

We tailor our In-House Counsel services to the client’s needs.

Some of our services include:

  • Negotiating, Drafting and Reviewing Contracts and Licenses
  • Nonprofit Counseling
  • Risk Assessment, including:
    • Negotiation of Employee Disputes
    • Negotiation of Vendor, Supplier Disputes
    • Pre-Litigation Resolutions
  • Corporate Governance, including:
    • Board meeting structure and requirements
    • Review or drafting of minutes and written consents
    • Corporate ledger updates
  • Handling employment matters, including:
    • Personnel engagement packages
    • Employment Agreements
    • Executive Engagement Agreements
    • Incentive Compensation Plans and Agreements
    • Employee Manuals/Handbooks
    • Exit Documents