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Employment Law:Workplace Gambling

Employment Law – Workplace Gamling Although employers do not think about employees when we think about basketball, the annual frenzy of “March Madness” (the NCAA men’s basketball tournament) has changed that perspective. The outplacement firm that reports the basketball tournament’s ...
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Employment Law – Workplace Romance and Privacy

Employment Law In a recent survey taken by’s, (“2014 Office Romance Survey”), 56 percent of survey participants said they engaged in a workplace romance.  The survey also evidenced that both men and women equally participated in a workplace romance. ...
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Extension of an Employee’s Probationary Period

An employer’s extension of a recently-retained employee is not an action employers summarily or frequently take.  Oftentimes the employer is afraid to modify its probationary period policy for fear of repercussions if it/he/she does so.  Other times, the employer simply ...
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Minimum Wage California – Assembly Bill 10

Assembly Bill 10: Hope for Low-Wage Workers Minimum Wage California California’s minimum wage was set at $8.00 per hour in 2008 and has since not been changed for the last six years. However, Assembly Bill 10 could change all of ...
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