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Business Challenges in 2022

Remote Workers/Remote Employment As the new year continues, so does the new societal norm of remote employment. Many, if not most companies that technically can, work either partially or wholly remotely. Along with staying safe from COVID-19, employees have found ...
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Cyber Security Threats in 2021

Cyber Attacks: With the sophistication of technology rising at a progressively rapid rate, cyber security breaches have become increasingly alarming. 2021 started off with a plethora of cyber security threats, and the second half of the year began, more threats ...
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CalSavers Retirement Plan

Background: Millions of Californians lack access to affordable retirement options. In an effort to increase employee retirement, in 2020, California mandated employers to offer employees a retirement plan. The mandate allows employers who can’t provide a retirement plan to enroll ...
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California Employee Privacy Rights

Background Checks Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution guarantees employees privacy rights. This disallows employers from intruding into their employees’ personal lives.  Nonetheless, employers can obtain certain background information about job applicants and employees through sources such as background ...
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What is a Private Foundation?

Recently, we discussed public charities: what they are, how they function, how they are treated by the IRS. Today, we will discuss what lies on the other end of the nonprofit spectrum: Private Foundations.  Funding of a Private Foundation A ...
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What is a Public Charity?

What is a Public Charity? We often hear the terms, “Non-profit organizations,” “charities,” “private charities,” “foundations,” etc. Understandably, these terms can create confusion:  What’s the difference between a charity and a foundation? Private vs. public? How is the IRS involved?  This ...
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